Cross Equals Love


Good Friday Service at 11am & Easter Sunday Service at 9am & 11am

Easter 2013

What are you doing for Easter? We would like to invite you to check out Cornerstone. Maybe you've been to Cornerstone for one of our Christmas services in the past, or maybe you've never been here before. Well, here's what you can expect. Thirty minutes before each service starts on Easter Sunday we're going to have coffee stations along with hors d'oeuvres in our lobby. Dress in what you feel comfortable in. Most people at Cornerstone wear jeans or business casual. Suits are optional.

During the first part of service, we'll have worship followed by a few announcements. Pastor Tim will be speaking on our Easter sermon series, † = ♥. The cross is the ultimate display of love because Jesus came to die for us, but it didn't end there. Easter is the celebration of His resurrection.

Come celebrate with us this Easter! Below you'll find a map of where you can find us.

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Title Speaker Date Duration
What Manner of Love Pastor Tim Forsthoff Sunday, 3/25/2018 31:07
This is Real Love Pastor Ben Block Sunday, 3/11/2018 27:31
Love Has a Name Pastor Lucas Forsthoff Sunday, 3/11/2018 36:50
Go Tell Peter Pastor Tim Forsthoff Sunday, 4/16/2017 36:46
Cross Equals Love Pastor Tim Forsthoff Sunday, 3/31/2013 36:32
A Prevailing Life and Ministry Pastor Tim Forsthoff Sunday, 3/24/2013 37:25
Can These Bones Live? (Part 2) Pastor Tim Forsthoff Sunday, 3/17/2013 36:52
Can These Bones Live? (Part 1) Pastor Tim Forsthoff Sunday, 3/10/2013 41:56