The series First will teach you to fight. Fight for your family. Fight for your destiny. Fight for your legacy. God will stir up your heart to place Him above anything else in your life. Messages in this series will deal with your appetites, priorities, purity, first love, and giving.

Title Speaker Date Duration
First Things First: Giving Pastor Tim Forsthoff Sunday, 2/6/2011 40:39
First Things First: First Love Pastor Tim Forsthoff Sunday, 1/30/2011 36:45
First Things First: Purity Pastor Tim Forsthoff Sunday, 1/23/2011 38:37
Prayer and Fasting Pastors Tim and Rhonda Forsthoff Wednesday, 1/12/2011 23:24
First Things First: Priorities Pastor Tim Forsthoff Sunday, 1/9/2011 43:39
First Things First: Appetites Pastor Jacob and Hannah Ouellette Sunday, 1/2/2011 34:11