Jesus Is _________.

The series "Jesus is ________." will motivate you to be a fisher of men. Discover the heart of Jesus for the lost, His call to go out and be a worker in the field and His desire for the harvest. You will be stretched and challenged to have the same heart as Jesus did when He wept over Jerusalem. The series concludes with two great Easter weekend messages - Jesus is the Lamb and Jesus is Alive - that will bring the reality of the Cross and Resurrection to life in a very powerful way. Get ready to be impacted!

Title Speaker Date Duration
Jesus Is Alive Pastor Tim Forsthoff Sunday, 4/8/2012 33:09
Jesus is the Lamb Pastor Tim Forsthoff Friday, 4/6/2012 35:03
Jesus is Looking for Workers Pastor Tim Forsthoff Sunday, 4/1/2012 36:50
Jesus is Weeping Pastor Tim Forsthoff Sunday, 3/25/2012 37:07
Jesus is All About the Harvest Pastor Jacob Ouellette Sunday, 3/18/2012 44:47
Jesus is Speaking Minister Hannah Ouellette Sunday, 3/18/2012 34:16