Andy Stanley said, "It's easy to stumble out of church. It's almost impossible to stumble out of community. One more reason why circles are better than rows!"

The series Linked is all about relationships. Church, it's time to get intentional about building community. Let's make Cornerstone a church of circles rather than rows. Remember, when you are linked, it is almost impossible for you to stumble.

Title Speaker Date Duration
Are You Linked? One Another Pastor Tim Forsthoff Sunday, 10/23/2011 33:31
Barriers to Being Linked Pastor Jacob Ouellette Sunday, 10/9/2011 34:11
Remain in Me Minister Milan Klusacek Sunday, 10/9/2011 42:50
How Do You Know Your Church is Healthy? Pastor Tim Forsthoff Sunday, 10/2/2011 46:01
The Importance of Being Linked Pastor Steve Kazer Sunday, 9/25/2011 46:52
Radical Together Minister Milan Klusacek Sunday, 9/25/2011 44:23
Are You Linked? Stumbling Out of Church Pastor Tim Forsthoff Sunday, 9/18/2011 44:36