Romance of Redemption

Follow the redeeming romance of Boaz and Ruth in this new series. Ruth came from a life of being an idol-worshipping gentile from Moab to finding love in the fields of Bethlehem. Ruth wasn’t treated by Boaz based on her past she was loved by Boaz despite everything. He showed her grace and made her life fruitful. Each of us can or have already experienced this redeeming love from Jesus. Even though we are sinners, because of Christ’s great love for us He has redeemed us and made our lives fruitful.
Join Pastor Tim in this new series "The Romance of Redemption" and learn the parallel theme of our relationship with Jesus through the love, redemption and grace through the story of Boaz and Ruth.

Title Speaker Date Duration
The Final Act Pastor Lucas Forsthoff Sunday, 8/10/2014 31:16
Boaz the Redeemer Pastor Tim Forsthoff Sunday, 8/3/2014 35:55
The Threshing Floor Pastors Tim and Rhonda Forsthoff Sunday, 7/20/2014 28:54
Gleaner or Reaper? Pastor Tim Forsthoff Sunday, 7/13/2014 33:51
Boy Meets Girl Pastor Tim Forsthoff Sunday, 7/6/2014 43:15
Two Choices Pastor Tim Forsthoff Sunday, 6/29/2014 39:15
The Bondage of Bitterness Pastor Tim Forsthoff Sunday, 6/22/2014 48:00