Cornerstone Church Sermon Series

Honduras 2013
Sunday, 7/14/2013
Sunday, 6/2/2013
Sunday, 4/7/2013
Sunday, 3/10/2013
Sunday, 2/3/2013
The Circle Maker
Sunday, 1/6/2013
Sunday, 12/2/2012
Sunday, 9/23/2012

If you knew something so amazing, so incredible that it could radically transform someone’s life, would you keep it all to yourself? Maybe only share it with a few trusted friends? Or would you shout it from the rooftops? If you could help change the world, would you be bold enough to let ‘em know?

Sunday, 8/12/2012

Join us for an awesome new series at Cornerstone! We will kick off the series with our thank you party on August 12th. Everyone is invited to join us for that event.

Sunday, 5/20/2012
Sunday, 4/15/2012
Sunday, 3/18/2012

The series "Jesus is ________." will motivate you to be a fisher of men. Discover the heart of Jesus for the lost, His call to go out and be a worker in the field and His desire for the harvest. You will be stretched and challenged to have the same heart as Jesus did when He wept over Jerusalem. The series concludes with two great Easter weekend messages - Jesus is the Lamb and Jesus is Alive - that will bring the reality of the Cross and Resurrection to life in a very powerful way. Get ready to be impacted!

Sunday, 2/19/2012

A new, three week marriage series by Pastors Tim and Rhonda Forsthoff. Fire up your marriage on February 19, 26, and March 4 during our 9 & 11am services.

Sunday, 1/29/2012

"I will say to the prisoners, 'Come out in freedom,' and to those in darkness, 'Come into the light.' They will be my sheep, grazing in green pastures and on hills that were previously bare." Isaiah 49:9

The Bible has many great promises about restoration. This series will explore them and bring life, healing, and hope to you as you listen.

Series dates: January 29, February 5 and 12, 9 & 11am.

Sunday, 1/8/2012

This incredible series walks through the life of Abraham and challenges to a life of faith and abandon to God.

Sunday, 12/4/2011

Introducing a special Christmas series: The Gift

This year we would like to invite you to some of the most wonderful services we have of the entire year. We trust that as you attend you will be blessed and your family will leave with another wonderful Christmas memory to look back on for years to come.

Christmas Services:

December 4,11,18 @ 9&11am
December 25 @ 11am
Christmas Eve @ 6pm

Wednesday, 11/2/2011
Sunday, 10/30/2011

Mission: Others is a series about looking outside our world. Looking beyond ourselves is the first step towards accomplishing Jesus' command to love God and love others. We want Cornerstone to be filled with people who radically and passionately pursue Jesus and pursue other people with the love of God.

Sunday, 9/18/2011

Andy Stanley said, "It's easy to stumble out of church. It's almost impossible to stumble out of community. One more reason why circles are better than rows!"

The series Linked is all about relationships. Church, it's time to get intentional about building community. Let's make Cornerstone a church of circles rather than rows. Remember, when you are linked, it is almost impossible for you to stumble.

Sunday, 7/3/2011

He was wild, untamed and radical. He wore clothing of camel's hair and his food was locusts and wild honey. His message was one of passion, conviction and power. Yes, we are talking about none other than John the Baptist. The messages in this series will challenge you to a higher level in your walk with God.

Sunday, 6/5/2011

A series about the family. We can only guarantee one thing - if you apply the principles you will learn in this series, your life at home will flourish. Get ready to laugh, be inspired, and learn from the truth of God's Word.

Sunday, 5/22/2011

Messages from Spring Convention 2011: Victory.

Wednesday, 4/27/2011

A series designed to get our hearts ready for Spring Convention 2011: Victory.

Princess Warrior Title Image
Friday, 4/15/2011
Sunday, 3/27/2011

God gave each of us a story to share with the world. It is our responsibility to use it. Get ready for an impacting series that will motivate you to shine the light of Christ in your world.

Friday, 3/4/2011

Sessions from Awaken Conference 2011.

Sunday, 2/13/2011

Love is... is a marriage series with a 60's game show twist. (Yes, we are not making that up). Listen to pastor Tim present Biblical marriage principles that will give your marriage a major boost.

Wednesday, 1/12/2011