Title Speaker Date Duration
Know Your Flocks Pastor Tim Forsthoff Wednesday, 8/24/2011 32:48
Sons and Daughters or Servants in the House Pastors Tim and Rhonda Forsthoff Sunday, 8/21/2011 35:40
Three Spirits That Destroy Ministries Pastor Tim Forsthoff Wednesday, 8/17/2011 31:25
John the Baptist: The Baptism of Jesus Pastor Tim Forsthoff Sunday, 8/14/2011 33:57
The Three Lies That Ruined the World Pastor Tim Forsthoff Wednesday, 8/10/2011 36:09
John the Baptist: Breaking the Silence Pastor Rhonda Forsthoff Sunday, 8/7/2011 36:39
Warning Signs: Discerning Your Child's Spiritual Health Pastor Tim Forsthoff Wednesday, 8/3/2011 37:11
John the Baptist: His Message Pastor Tim Forsthoff Sunday, 7/31/2011 46:05
Shake, Rattle and Roll Pastor Tim Forsthoff Wednesday, 7/27/2011 41:44
John the Baptist: His Ministry Pastor Tim Forsthoff Sunday, 7/24/2011 46:59
How to Have a Dynamic Devotional Life Pastor Lucas Forsthoff, Jamie Klusacek, Pastor Jef Jennings Wednesday, 7/20/2011 45:34
John the Baptist: The Promise of Fruitfulness Pastor Jacob Ouellette, Becky Monte, Pastor Steve Kazer Sunday, 7/17/2011 55:22
Developing Sensitivity to the Holy Spirit Pastor Steve Kazer, Becky Monte & Milan Klusacek Wednesday, 7/13/2011 43:39
John the Baptist: His Heart Pastor Tim Forsthoff Sunday, 7/10/2011 48:52
These Clothes Have Got To Go! Pastor Rhonda Forsthoff Wednesday, 7/6/2011 41:32
John the Baptist: His Calling Pastor Tim Forsthoff Sunday, 7/3/2011 46:16
What Are You Going Through? Pastor Raoul Liberis Wednesday, 6/29/2011 43:07
Dating - Sex - Intimacy Pastor Tim Forsthoff Sunday, 6/26/2011 46:54
Always True: God's Promises When Life is Hard Pastor Tim Forsthoff Friday, 6/24/2011 28:05
A Title of Honor Pastor Lucas Forsthoff and Hannah Ouellette Sunday, 6/19/2011 43:43
The Father's Blessing Pastor Steve Kazar Wednesday, 6/15/2011 45:23
Your Seed Gift: Your Key to Success and Significance Dr. Ron Cottle Sunday, 6/12/2011 44:39
Hell: God's Justice Demands It! Pastor Tim Forsthoff Wednesday, 6/8/2011 41:49
The Saving of Your Household Pastor Tim Forsthoff Sunday, 6/5/2011 36:10
Hell Never Says No Pastor Tim Forsthoff Wednesday, 6/1/2011 44:31
Glory in the Cross Pastor Tim Forsthoff Sunday, 5/29/2011 32:21
Victory Through Following Evangelist Rick Clendenen Wednesday, 5/25/2011 53:06
When It's Not Fun, Don't Run Dominic Russo Wednesday, 5/25/2011 42:14
Power Session: Victory Over Discouragement Dunn / Hobson / Roser Wednesday, 5/25/2011 54:53
Victory Over Sin Dominic Russo Tuesday, 5/24/2011 49:01
Follow Through - Key to Total Victory Pastor Kemp Holden Tuesday, 5/24/2011 29:25
Power Session: Victory Over Burnout Browning / Dunn / Ferranti Tuesday, 5/24/2011 50:56
The Cornerstone, the Peg, the Bow and the King Pastor Kemp Holden Monday, 5/23/2011 65:59
Victory Through Discipleship Evangelist Rick Clendenen Monday, 5/23/2011 38:58
Power Session: Victory in Discerning God's Voice Browning / Hobson / Ferranti Monday, 5/23/2011 57:18
Victory Night Clendenen / Russo / Holden Sunday, 5/22/2011 61:53
Victory Over Your Worst Enemy Pastor Kemp Holden Sunday, 5/22/2011 51:05
Victory: The Destination of Faith Dominic Russo Sunday, 5/22/2011 42:14
Is Your Heart Ready to Receive? Pastor Tim Forsthoff Wednesday, 5/18/2011 35:30
Don't Forget the Altar Pastor Tim Forsthoff Sunday, 5/15/2011 36:42
Why Are There Enemies? Pastor Tim Forsthoff Wednesday, 5/11/2011 47:07
Strategies for Victory Pastor Tim Forsthoff Sunday, 5/8/2011 33:16
God's Authority is the Key to Victory Pastor Rhonda Forsthoff Wednesday, 5/4/2011 39:36
Strategies for Victory Pastor Tim Forsthoff Sunday, 5/1/2011 37:41
Dispel Fear and Bring Faith Pastor Duane Vander Klok Wednesday, 4/27/2011 41:10
I Am Second Pastor Tim Forsthoff Sunday, 4/24/2011 36:02
Who Killed God? Pastor Tim Forsthoff Friday, 4/22/2011 20:01
The Demoniac of the Gadarenes Pastor Tim Forsthoff Wednesday, 4/20/2011 38:11
Zacchaeus Pastor Tim Forsthoff Sunday, 4/17/2011 35:26
Princess Warrior Pastor Rhonda Forsthoff Friday, 4/15/2011 68:21