Every week, we have an incredible time. Whether it's throwing the largest beach ball dance party in Highland Twp History or setting up jumps for X Games Gold Winning MotoX riders, we love to party.

We are unashamed to worship God. Most of us have tried living life on our own terms and it has backfired time and time again. We are community that loves God and receives new life through Him.

Lives are being changed here every week. We help people walk in true potential, overcome pain, and struggles. It's amazing to see people come here because they don't know what to do but then they find Jesus.

Title Speaker Date Duration
Ask, Seek, Knock Pastor Ben Block Sunday, 9/17/2017 11:27
Seek First Pastor Ben Block Sunday, 9/3/2017 18:13
Faith Pastor Ben Block Sunday, 8/20/2017 8:10
Curses, Strongholds and Inner Vows Pastor Ben Block Sunday, 8/13/2017 16:06
True Freedom_Are You Free Pastor Evan Barriger Sunday, 8/6/2017 28:34
Young Unstoppable Power Pastor Evan Barriger Sunday, 7/16/2017 19:11
Young & Free 2 Pastor Ben Block Sunday, 7/9/2017 18:55
Young & Free Pastor Ben Block Sunday, 7/2/2017 14:40
School's Out For Summer 4 Pastor Ben Block Sunday, 6/25/2017 15:24
School's Out For Summer 3 Pastor Evan Barriger Sunday, 6/18/2017 13:09
School's Out For Summer 2 Pastor Ben Block Sunday, 6/11/2017 11:31
School's Out For Summer Aaron Malmquist & Rachel Moore Sunday, 6/4/2017 21:51
Set Your Face Aaron Malmquist Sunday, 5/14/2017 15:17
Spiritual Maturity Pastor Ben Block Sunday, 5/7/2017 14:28
You Got the Gift Pastor Evan Barriger Sunday, 4/23/2017 25:37
Signs Of Fruitfulness Pastor Evan Barriger Sunday, 4/9/2017 18:34
Book of Acts - Baptism of the Holy Spirit Pastor Ben Block Sunday, 4/2/2017 17:55
Does Not Wisdom Call Out Pastor Ben Block Sunday, 3/26/2017 20:05
Enjoy Life Debbie Block Sunday, 3/19/2017 11:19
Inviting Nick Wisniewski Sunday, 3/12/2017 14:37
Ten Most Wanted, #6-10 Debbie Block Sunday, 2/26/2017 23:35
Ten Most Wanted, #5 Pastor Evan Barriger Sunday, 2/19/2017 23:35
Ten Most Wanted, #2-4 Pastor Ben Block Sunday, 2/12/2017 17:37
Breakthrough - 10 Most Wanted, #1 Pastor Ben Block Sunday, 2/5/2017 15:41
Anchored To Jesus and Nothing Else Pastor Ben Block Sunday, 1/29/2017 20:13
Anchored To God's Instructions Pastor Ben Block Sunday, 1/15/2017 13:54
Anchored Soul Secured Debbie Block Sunday, 1/8/2017 16:25
For Unto Us A Child Is Born Pastor Ben Block Sunday, 12/18/2016 12:00
Leadership Pastor Pradeepan Jeeva Sunday, 12/11/2016 21:41
When God Promises You the Impossible Pastor Ben Block Sunday, 12/4/2016 14:43
Your Time In Ignited Seniors_Anna_Johanna_Zach Sunday, 11/27/2016 46:41
Gratefulness Pastor Ben Block Sunday, 11/20/2016 17:08
Seasons Pastor Pradeepan Jeeva Sunday, 11/13/2016 15:57
What Are You Asking For Pastor Ben Block Sunday, 11/6/2016 13:51
Crowd Or Disciple Pastor Ben Block Sunday, 10/30/2016 17:38
Taking A Stand Pastor Ben Block Sunday, 9/11/2016 12:53
Come and See Pastor Pradeepan Jeeva Sunday, 9/4/2016 14:28
With the People Pastor Lucas Forsthoff Sunday, 8/21/2016 14:41
It Doesn't Take A Superhero To Follow Christ Pastor Ben Block Sunday, 8/14/2016 14:15
Back At It Again_Relationships Pastor Pradeepan Jeeva Sunday, 8/7/2016 20:08
Stick With God Andrew Coryell Sunday, 7/31/2016 42:35
Be With The People Pastor Pradeepan Jeeva Sunday, 7/17/2016 17:34
See the Need Take the Lead Pastor Ben Block Sunday, 7/10/2016 15:33
Jesus Knows Best Pastor Lucas Forsthoff Sunday, 7/3/2016 17:22
Consumer Or Contributor Pastor Pradeepan Jeeva Sunday, 6/26/2016 14:24
Think BIG Not Small Pastor Lucas Forsthoff Sunday, 6/12/2016 16:41
Time To Become FATR Pastor Ben Block Sunday, 6/5/2016 13:49
God Has Given You Something But What You Do With It Is Up To You Pastor Ben Block Sunday, 5/29/2016 11:55
Becoming a Disciple of Jesus Pastor Pradeepan Jeeva Sunday, 5/22/2016 31:59
Faithfulness_Turn the World Upside Down Pastor Lucas Forsthoff Sunday, 5/15/2016 14:45