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Title Speaker Datesort ascending Duration
Crowd Or Disciple Pastor Ben Block Sunday, 10/30/2016 17:38
Taking A Stand Pastor Ben Block Sunday, 9/11/2016 12:53
Come and See Pastor Pradeepan Jeeva Sunday, 9/4/2016 14:28
With the People Pastor Lucas Forsthoff Sunday, 8/21/2016 14:41
It Doesn't Take A Superhero To Follow Christ Pastor Ben Block Sunday, 8/14/2016 14:15
Back At It Again_Relationships Pastor Pradeepan Jeeva Sunday, 8/7/2016 20:08
Stick With God Andrew Coryell Sunday, 7/31/2016 42:35
Be With The People Pastor Pradeepan Jeeva Sunday, 7/17/2016 17:34
See the Need Take the Lead Pastor Ben Block Sunday, 7/10/2016 15:33
Jesus Knows Best Pastor Lucas Forsthoff Sunday, 7/3/2016 17:22
Consumer Or Contributor Pastor Pradeepan Jeeva Sunday, 6/26/2016 14:24
Think BIG Not Small Pastor Lucas Forsthoff Sunday, 6/12/2016 16:41
Time To Become FATR Pastor Ben Block Sunday, 6/5/2016 13:49
God Has Given You Something But What You Do With It Is Up To You Pastor Ben Block Sunday, 5/29/2016 11:55
Becoming a Disciple of Jesus Pastor Pradeepan Jeeva Sunday, 5/22/2016 31:59
Faithfulness_Turn the World Upside Down Pastor Lucas Forsthoff Sunday, 5/15/2016 14:45
Listen Up Pastor Pradeepan Jeeva Sunday, 4/24/2016 43:18
Hungry Pastor Lucas Forsthoff Sunday, 4/3/2016 34:40
Staying On Track Pastor Pradeepan Jeeva Sunday, 3/20/2016 14:57
The Parable of the Talents Drew Snyder & Kelli Neal Sunday, 3/13/2016 29:37
How To Get Purpose In Life Pastor Ben Block Sunday, 3/6/2016 12:50
Relationship Goals_Thirsty Pastor Pradeepan Jeeva Sunday, 2/21/2016 10:19
Relationship Goals_Isaac and Rebekah Pastor Ben Block Sunday, 2/14/2016 23:40
Relationship Goals Pastor Lucas Forsthoff Sunday, 2/7/2016 11:52
Take A Stand Pastor Ben Block Sunday, 1/31/2016 9:35
The Foundation of Identity Aaron Malmquist & Zach Monte Sunday, 1/17/2016 40:45
A New Life Pastor Ben Block Sunday, 1/3/2016 13:30
What Does Jesus See Pastor Lucas Forsthoff Sunday, 12/27/2015 27:18
Presents Pastor Pradeepan Jeeva Sunday, 12/20/2015 15:21
Best Christmas Pastor Lucas Forsthoff Sunday, 12/13/2015 30:01
What God Wants Pastor Ben Block Sunday, 12/6/2015 24:39
Honor Your Parents Pastor Ben Block Sunday, 12/6/2015 17:56
You've Been Sent Pastor Ben Block Sunday, 11/29/2015 11:51
What Made Josiah Great Pastor Ben Block Sunday, 11/15/2015 8:32
Full of Yourself Pastor Pradeepan Jeeva Sunday, 11/8/2015 34:55
Adam & Eve were the Best Pastor Lucas Forsthoff Sunday, 11/1/2015 11:19
When the Devil Says "If You" Pastor Pradeepan Jeeva Sunday, 10/11/2015 40:01
Hearts Focused Outward Pastor Ben Block Sunday, 10/4/2015 10:13
Best of the Best Pastor Lucas Forsthoff Sunday, 9/20/2015 15:10
You Will Always Be In Debt Pastor Pradeepan Jeeva Sunday, 9/13/2015 37:50
Flawless Love Pastor Lucas Forsthoff Sunday, 9/6/2015 31:15
Love Makes Us Do Crazy Things Pastor Ben Block Sunday, 8/30/2015 23:33
Do You Want to Set Out for a Better Year Jen Forsthoff Sunday, 8/23/2015 26:54
Flawless: Flawed Rachael Kelley Wednesday, 8/5/2015 33:05
The New You_New Things Pastor Ben Block Sunday, 8/2/2015 32:58
Liberty for Those Bruised in Heart Pastor Bill Browning Sunday, 7/19/2015 38:57
Grace To Finish the Race Pastor Ben Block Sunday, 7/12/2015 31:14
Flawed But Rewarded Pastor Lucas Forsthoff Sunday, 7/5/2015 31:33
Summer Slump Or Summer Jump Pastor Ben Block Sunday, 6/21/2015 9:34
Defeating Giants Pastor Ben Block Sunday, 6/14/2015 27:58


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